03rd Sep 2016 | By Paul Wilkinson

Pacepacker has signed an agreement with Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to manufacture and promote bagging equipment under license in China and Asia.


Pacepacker’s MD Dennis Allison and President of Rentian, Mr. Hao Li celebrate signing agreement.

Founded in 1997, Rentian specialises in providing customers with packaging production line solutions, comprising packaging, case packer, case erector, palletisers, labeling and conveying systems. Based in Wuhan, China, the company has a dominant market share supplying packaging equipment to the salt and chemical industry, among others.


Visiting the PPMA TOTAL 2016 show on Wednesday 28th September, President of Rentian, Mr. Hao Li formalised the cooperation arrangement, signing the deal with Pacepacker’s managing director Dennis Allison. UK Trade & Investment Officer Tingyi Lu, PPMA CEO Dr. Andrew Mint and freelance consultant Craig Chen, who was instrumental in setting up the deal, were on hand to witness and mark the occasion.

“We have been in discussion with Rentian via Craig since the start of this year,” emphasises Dennis. “For Pacepacker, Asia represents a sizeable and relatively untapped market, and Rentian were seeking a reliable supplier of bagging and sack placing equipment in the west who were willing to share their manufacturing know how.”

Given Rentian’s customer base, they were especially interested in Pacepacker flagship Total Bag Control system and sack placer, and how both can assist clients to reduce product waste and act more sustainably.

 Dennis and Mr. Hao Li (front) are joined by freelance consultant Craig Chen, PPMA CEO Dr. Andrew Mint and UK Trade & Investment Officer Tingyi Lu.

Dennis and Mr. Hao Li (front) are joined by freelance consultant Craig Chen, PPMA CEO Dr. Andrew Mint and UK Trade & Investment Officer Tingyi Lu.

Rather than shipping machines to China, Pacepacker has signed a license that allows Rentian to build the bagging and sack placing systems locally. If successful, the partnership may extend to other applications.

On every project, Pacepacker will provide full support and application knowledge, guiding the engineers through each build.

“This approach enables Rentian to make significant savings in relation to import duties, which they can pass onto customers to maintain a competitive offering. It also increases their speed to market. In addition, Rentian’s team of 200 possesses a wealth of local market and cultural knowledge. It’s a partnership that benefits everyone, particularly Rentian’s extensive customer base,” adds Dennis.

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