If you do not already trade with Pacepacker, there are probably many things you would like to know about us, hopefully the following frequently asked questions will help you.

What makes Pacepacker different from it’s competitors?

We are a privately owned British design and manufacturing company. Many of our competitors have foreign investment or ownership and / or buy in and sell on equipment made by other companies. This can result in clients having a complete system made up from imported machinery. When you require support for these items, you may be faced with expensive call out charges for engineers or if you opt for the local representative to visit you, how do you know he has the knowledge and experience you require?

Why should I buy a system from Pacepacker?

Pacepacker systems have been integrated in to a multitude of environments since 1976, from quarries and farms to feed mills and food manufacturers. The products we manufacture are well founded, proven and reliable. When you purchase a machine from us we regard this as an investment and we have many sites still using equipment supplied over 15-20 years ago.

I like the idea of owning a Pacepacker system, but where can I see one?

If you would like to see Pacepacker equipment in operation we can usually arrange for you to see one of our existing installations and speak to the owners too, alternatively you are more than welcome to visit our manufacturing plant where we can usually conduct trials for you on equipment passing through our workshops.

I cannot see the equipment I am looking for on your web site, does this mean you cannot help?

Because we are designers and manufacturers, we are not limited to our standard range of products. In fact, we now find that most orders have a certain amount of bespoke work to tailor the system around the client. We are also able to offer complete design service for specific projects.

Whose equipment does Pacepacker offer apart from their own?

There are many areas that combine to make up a full system and we work with industry leading partners to supply ancillary equipment such as Fanuc Robotics, Fischbein, Newlong and ABB for specialist items.

What happens if my company changes or expands in the future?

All of the systems we install are modular and mostly upgradable, so it is more than likely that you will be able to use all or some of your existing Pacepacker equipment when you upgrade.