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Upgrading an automated bagging line with Pacepacker’s new FastPac Sack Placer has enabled global equine feed manufacturer I’Anson Bros Ltd to solve the challenge of tricky to handle plastic sacks AND achieve a daily 15% increase in output.

Like many bulk packers, I’Anson customers are increasingly switching from paper sacks to more durable, laminated woven propylene bags. As well as offering better graphics, the material offers greater product protection. Yet, automating the bagging of produce using plastic sack materials often caused the family-business another packing bottleneck – plastic static.

Seeking to improve the bagging efficiency of its patented product Speedi-Beet™, I’Anson approached longstanding supplier of automation equipment Pacepacker. The company’s recent addition to its sack placer portfolio – the new FastPac range of bagging solutions – provided the ideal solution.

20% faster than previous model's Pacepacker's FastPac sack placer overcomes issues relating to picking up plastic sacks with mechanical grippers

20% faster than previous model’s Pacepacker’s FastPac sack placer overcomes issues relating to picking up plastic sacks with mechanical grippers

Brian Hobbins, Production Manager at I’Anson explains: “Plastic sacks can be tricky to handle as they are either too slippery or contain static. Previously, this often resulted in more than one bag being picked up at the same time, so our operatives frequently needed to intervene. Having one worker permanently manning the line, manually lifting the bags when they became stuck was causing significant machine downtime and consequently impacting our productivity.”

Having already virtually eliminated sack waste with the installation of three flagship Total Bag Control (TBC) systems, saving I’Anson an estimated £10,000 p.a., and eradicated customer complaints regarding pallet presentation, Pacepacker seamlessly integrated the FastPac Sack Placer system with existing plant equipment.

To counteract the issue of plastic sacks sticking together, the FastPac:

  • Picks up bags by the bottom rather than the top, using mechanical grippers along with the conventional suction grippers to peel them off a stack
  • Places immediately on the sack clamp for filling
  • Handles four different sack sizes, ranging from 15 to 25 kilos
  • Can run at 17 bags p/m, 20% faster than previous sack placer models.

Once the sack is placed onto the clamp by the sack placer the TBC takes over. Using motorised grip arms, the TBC transports each filled sack of Speedi-Beet™ to be stitched, accurately positioning labels and eliminating product spillage and waste. The sacks are then stacked onto pallets using a robotic palletiser.

Working in tandem with Pacepacker's flagship TBC the entire line has increased efficiency by 15% for I'Anson

Working in tandem with Pacepacker’s flagship TBC the entire line has increased efficiency by 15% for I’Anson

Since installation we haven’t looked back.” Brian comments, “We no longer need to intervene, which allows our operators to focus on other key areas within the production line. Pacepacker has been instrumental in keeping us abreast of new technology and upgrading our systems over the years which in turn allows us to continue meeting our customer’s evolving needs.”

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