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Never under-estimate the importance of preventative maintenance, take a look at the options available from Pacepacker that save you money and keep your production running efficiently and reliably.

We all know the benefits that machinery can add to a production plant, but we don’t always consider the impact of when the unexpected happens. Although your Pacepacker systems are, without doubt, the most reliable and robust equipment in the market place today, it is vital that they are maintained and serviced by fully authorised and qualified professional Pacepacker engineers.

The impact of downtime can have a major impact on business revenue. How long can your business survive if production is brought to a stand-still?

Preventative maintenance options include:

** Free Courtesy Visits **

– Off-Site Program Backups

– System Tune-ups (No Parts)

– Health & Safety Checks

– Full Standard Services (With Parts)

– Recommended Spare Parts Kits

– Consumables



*(figures based on a system producing 8 packs / bags / cases per minute, 8 hours a day).

Take a look at the example on the right that illustrates the possible financial impact on a business if a Pacepacker system is out of action and the potentially catastrophic and devastating effects this downtime could have on your business due to loss of production.

Although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, we can reduce and de-risk the likelihood of having a serious issue by following a few simple and easy steps such as our Pacepacker engineer’s service and tune of your system periodically.

As a service provider, we see, on a daily basis, the positive impact that preventative maintenance and service plans have on our partners businesses and it is no secret that those manufacturing organisations who recognise the importance of system maintenance and have a planned Preventative Maintenance programme in place are much more efficient and enjoy a reduction in equipment issues and of course an increase in production.

Please see below typical plans that we offer our clients:

Free Courtesy Visit

Contact us now to arrange a free courtesy visit to appraise your system and discuss the condition, recommendations, upgrades, alterations or new projects. The only cost to you is a cup of tea for the engineer!

Off-Site Program Backup

As with most electrical products and robots, there will undoubtedly be a major component like a processor, PLC or HMi with programs inside unique to your application. In the event of a failure of one of these items, it will be paramount to have a current backup of the programs and software for your system. Not having them can cause major delays in getting the system fully up & running.

System Tune-up (No Parts Fitted)

This visit is designed to improve the smooth operation of your Pacepacker system and to capture problems before they occur that may arise due to incorrect settings & tuning of the system. Left unattended to, the lack of tuning can cause system malfunction or more expense at the next service interval. Our recommendation to clients is to have a tune-up visit 6 months after a full service, but should also depend on the environment of the system, products being handled and hours of usage per week.

Health & Safety Check

This is mainly aimed at clients who have automatic palletising equipment, especially robots to appraise the integrity of the safety systems and guarding. Although intact when installed by our engineers, systems can be interfered with over time for a variety of reasons, making them unsafe and even lethal.

Full Standard Service (Parts Fitted)

Pacepacker’s recommendation is to have at least one full service of the equipment per year to replace wearing items and inspect parts known to cause issues when worn. Systems are tuned on completion to ensure smooth operation. The frequency of servicing should be based on the environment of the system, products being handled and hours of usage per week.

Recommended Spare Parts

There are things that you can do to help be self-sufficient. These include having a copy of your operators’ manual with electrical circuits and some basic spare parts that could get you out of trouble. Clients should base their decision on the amount of spares that they hold against how critical it is to have the system running and how acceptable production downtime is. The contents of spare parts kits are tailored to suit each system and to the budget you have available.

Carrying out preventative maintenance may mean that your system is down so that Pacepacker engineers can carry out their important work in a safe environment yet through a planned stoppage there is little or no impact on production thus enabling you to get that important order out the door on time!

Whatever your servicing need, we are here to help. Please call us today to see how we can help.

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